24" x 47" - Mirror roll  slight damage

24" x 47" - Mirror roll slight damage

size: 24.00 W × 54.00 H ×

Mirror sheets with small areas of imperfection.

Size 24" x 54"  may be slightly shorter if we cut off some damage min 9 square feet of material.

From time to time we have mirror sheets with slight damage, these are sorted out and sold for a large discount. We will do our best to get you the best deal on shipping and refund extra postage if excessive. These pieces come with 3M adhesive tabs and instruction sheet.

The damage ranges from a non silvered spot to small scratches or a crease. Typically this affects no more than 2% or the surface area and is usually on the edges.  These are perfect for projects where the mirror is cut into smaller shapes or optical perfection is not required.  While we do not have hundreds, from time to time we will have enough for a good sized project that could save you quite a bit.  This page will disappear from time to time as our stock dwindles but we may have a few if you need them so just ask. Please call or use our contact form if you have questions or a special need.


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