What else can I use it for?

Disco Ball


Click picture to see how to make one.


Two way mirror

Our Carnival Mirror is 95% opaque and an inexpensive alternative to costly surveillance versions. You can easily cut to fit your application. Make sure room is darkened so reflection looks perfect from other side.

Aquarium Background

Our Mirror is an excellent way to give your fish a friend or double your viewing pleasure. Just position the mirror behind the glass and enjoy the enhanced effect. Also very good to direct light to certain areas of the tank.

Decorative Greeting Cards

This material is easily cut with normal scissors and is an awesome craft item with hundreds of neat uses. Used by kids and adults alike to add a neat personal touch to their projects.

Scarecrow - keeps birds away from garden.

Cut into thin strips and hang from branches. The sunlight and reflections keeps animals away from the area. Wind powered and silent.

Medical Self Image Gauge

Many of our sales are to health care practitioners who use it as an inexpensive way to demonstrate perceptions about body appearance to their clients. Gives an immediate and valuable gague of what people perceive as body image.

Safety Reflective Devices and Signals

A Lightweight and inexpensive reflective safety device for all kinds of uses. Just cut into strips and affix to items with tape or glue. Mirrors are favored safety devices for campers as you can signal from far away. Can also be used like a magnifying glass to start a fire

Solar Stove and Water Heater


There are many variations that work very well. Search out the best design that will serve your purposes best.

Tool to comfort and calm

We have sold several mirrors for very interesting uses in this category! It seems that Children and adults experiencing rage and austism are instantly calmed when able to see themselves in our mirrors.

Our mirrors have also found a home comforting horses...it seems cribbing which affects 60% of all normal herd animals can be reduced or eliminated by use of a mirror in their stall. It seems they need company. Much like birds, and many other animals they need companionship or go a little crazy when isolated for too long. Be kind to your animals!

Please Email us with your unique uses for this Mirror. We will post it here and send you a nice thank you.

Can I Use it Outdoors?

Our product is a non backed mirror on high quality clear plastic sheet...This means that any water will eventually etch the silvered side. If you can protect it from wind and wet it will work, but we can not say for how long. We have installed these as replacements for ruined expensive plexiglass mirrors at playgrounds and they last for many months in South Florida before showing deterioration. As a quick use prop they are awesome and inexpensive just do not let them focus sunlight...dangerous beam of heat!